Fire Damage


Very few events can be as traumatic and damaging as a fire in your home or business. Once the health and safety of your family, pets and associates has been verified, the process of rebuilding your life begins. This is the specialized area of expertise that Prime Reconstruction Specialties provides.
There are many opinions and resources on what to do after a fire has affected your life. Below is a very brief list of things to help get you started.

1. Contact your insurance agent. Contact your insurance agent, our agents are often the greatest source for information on what to do and often have contacts and resources to assist in all aspects.
2. Verify with the fire department that the structure is safe to enter. Always be extremely careful when entering a structure that has been affected by fire as floors, walls and roofs may not be as safe as they look.
3. Contact your Mortgage Company or landlord about the fire.
4. Try to locate and retrieveimportant documents, records, and valuables.
5. If it is necessary for you to leave your property, notify the local police department to let them know the building will be vacant.
6. Begin saving receipts for anything you spend money on. These receipts may be needed for reimbursement by your insurance carrier or may be used to prove any losses claimed on your taxes.
7. Check with your accountant or the IRS about benefits for costs associated with recovering from a fire loss.

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